Kmart Debuts Christmas Commercial in September

With months left until the holidays, Kmart encourages consumers to take advantage of its layaway program


Forget those lingering summer BBQs, back-to-school shopping sprees, unpacking of sweaters from storage bins, and mulling over Halloween costume ideas.

Forget it. You’re doing it wrong.

September is time for one thing, and one thing only: Christmas shopping.

Or, at least according to Kmart it is.

The retail giant rolled out its first holiday commercial this week, reminding viewers, “Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you,” while encouraging them to buy gifts on Kmart’s layaway program.

As a reminder of where we are on the spacetime continuum, there are over 100 shopping days left till Christmas.


Social media was not amused by Kmart’s early enthusiasm for holiday shopping, taking to Kmart’s Facebook to chastise the company for the gingerbread-themed commercial. Kmart responded kindly to those complaining, “We realize it might be early for some but planners rejoice, Layaway has arrived which means more days to plan and save!”

In the meantime, how about those Halloween costumes? Let us know what you think about Kmart’s holiday efforts below.