IFC Partners with Tenacious D for Festival Supreme Comedy Week

Pact is yet another for the AMC Networks cabler that has a history teaming with music and pop culture festivals

Tenacious D

IFC has teamed up with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, also known as comedy rock duo Tenacious D, to promote their Los Angeles-based comedy music fest.

Put together by Black and Gass, Festival Supreme is a comedy music festival at the Santa Monica Pier that will be held on Oct. 19. IFC will give the fest national exposure the week of Oct. 12-18, in what the net dubs the Festival Supreme Comedy Week. To promote the fest, IFC will offer comedy marathons of programs including “Portlandia,” “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and “Monty Python,” and offer details on the Santa Monica confab throughout Festival Supreme Comedy Week.

Festival Supreme will boast former and current IFC talent including Fred Armisen, David Cross, Garfunkel & Oates, Bob Odenkirk and Reggie Watts. Blake Callaway, IFC senior VP of marketing, thus saw the fest as the perfect IFC promotion fit.

“When we started checking out the lineup months ago, we noticed everyone at the festival had either been on IFC or was a guest star, or they had an original show on IFC, so sort of friends and family of the channel,” he said. “So we reached out said ‘What can we do together?’”

To draw more viewers to the network and bodies to the event, Tenacious D has put together promos on IFC.com, including songs with indecipherable, comedic lyrics about how clothing is optional for the festival, but only for Black and Glass.

Callaway is pleased to be providing the Festival Supreme a national promotional platform,  noting that this partnership “gives [the festival and Tenacious D] more brand awareness then they would have if it was just a festival in one market.”

This isn’t the first time IFC has teamed up with a festival. The net has a long-standing partnership with SXSW, and also took part in Bonnaroo this year. Due to Festival Supreme’s similarities in content, Callaway called the partnership a no-brainer.

“We’re always just kind of looking for new partnerships that kind of make sense for our brand,” he said. “This year, we’re exploring this cross promotional opportunity. I think, in success, we can see ourselves getting involved in a bigger way next year.”

Tickets for the festival can be purchased at festivalsupreme.com, and IFC’s comedy week kicks off Oct. 12 with a “Comedy Bang! Bang!” marathon.