On the day his latest series “Dig” was announced,  Gideon Raff wasn’t giving up any secrets “Homeland” about the direction of “Homeland” at a Q&A hosted by American Friends of Tel Aviv University, his alma mater.

Attendees were unsuccessful at getting the show’s creator to answer pressing “Homeland” questions like “Is Brody the baby daddy?” and “Will Brody’s name be cleared?” But Raff said that as soon as he finds time, he intends to write a third season of the original Israeli show “Prisoners of War” from which “Homeland” is adapted. He explained that Israeli series are shot an entire season at once, rather than episode by episode, “Which makes the script supervisor’s job very difficult!”

“Prisoners of War” is available in the U.S. on Hulu, and is being remade in local versions around the world, from India to Columbia and Mexico.

Raff described the negotiations that went into getting the approvals for USA Network’s upcoming “Dig” as  complicated, since “everything that takes place in Jerusalem becomes very political.” The show, a thriller about an American FBI agent, will be shot in the centuries-old tunnels beneath the city, which have rarely been filmed. Though he hatched “Prisoners of War” as a way to return to working in Israel after starting out in Hollywood, he now has several projects back in the states including a pilot for FX, “Tyrant,” which recently shot in Morocco.

The Wednesday evening event was held at the home of supporters of American Friends of Tel Aviv University, which has graduated several Oscar nominees and festival winners.

(photo by Orly Halevy)