What’s wrong with this sports picture?

Perhaps the most overdue demonstration of one scintilla of the testosterone that drives the multibillion dollar sports broadcasting industry is for one leading figure from CBS, ESPN, Fox, NBC et al to stand up to the dude who owns the Washington Redskins and say, “We think your refusal to change the name of your franchise stinks.”

Perhaps that could be phrased in a slightly less contentious, confrontational manner, but hey, this is the big-time macho, masculine world of concussions, blown knees and lots of violent felony convictions.

Could the television, radio and online folks making billions off all of the crashing and banging on field demonstrate that they have one tiny gonad between all of them?

Or do the riches they make off the NFL render them as impotent as a pep squad full of castratos?

Consider that the Washington Bullets changed their name because frankly, there are enough real bullets in Washington, D.C. to warrant a little sensitivity, which is all that is being asked of billionaire franchise owner Daniel Marc Snyder.

Since it doesn’t seem likely that anyone is launching a sports franchise named the Whiteys, Rednecks, Blackfaces, Yellowskins, Brownbacks, it raises the question as to why Mr. Snyder is sticking to his guns and continues to shoot down any effort by Native Americans, especially the Oneida tribe, who simply would like a little of what Otis and Aretha sang about decades ago.

How about a little respect?

I get the feeling that until someone more powerful than Snyder throws a flag – or better yet – sacks his arrogant tush – he’ll continue to insult the original Americans every time his team takes the field.

Meanwhile, on October 7, at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, the NFL Fall League Meeting will take place and at the same time, Oneida tribal leader Ray Halbritter, two Congresswomen, educators and psychologists, along with some students whose high schools changed their mascot names, will conduct a symposium to discuss the problem and hopefully draw more attention to Snyder’s refusal to accept that he owns a great sports franchise, not a minstrel show.

And all of us little people can feel better by going to the Oneida’s twitter account for this cause, @ChangeDCMascot to say we’re as disgusted by Snyder’s football-for-a-brain attitude as they are.