HBO’s ‘Newsroom’ Up a Bit From Series Premiere As It Opens Season Two

Shows draws 2.2 million; 'True Blood' hits high

HBO's 'Newsroom' Up Bit From Series

HBO drama “The Newsroom” drew 2.2 million viewers Sunday for the first airing of its second season — up a bit from the show’s 2.1 million for its series debut in June of last year.

The only episode of the Aaron Sorkin-created drama to draw a larger regular-timeslot audience was its season finale late last August (2.3 million).

By comparison to the second-season premieres of other recent HBO dramas, “Newsroom” comes in below “Game of Thrones” (3.9 million), “True Blood” (3.7 million) and “Boardwalk Empire” (2.9 million).

With all DVR playback and tune-in on other platforms including HBO Go, “The Newsroom” grossed 7.1 million during its first season, according to HBO.

The show stars Jeff Daniels as the anchor of a fictitious cable news network chronicling real-life events from past years. The second season picks up in August 2011 with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Also on Sunday for HBO, veteran drama “True Blood” — which was renewed for a seventh season on Monday — hit a season high with 4.5 million viewers for its regular 9 p.m. telecast. HBO says the show is grossing more than 10 million viewers this season.