A Lincoln Center screening of the new PBS doc “Makers: Women Who Make America” brought out droves of slender New York fashionistas Feb. 7, in their furs, sequins and high heels.

Despite all the high fashion on display, Katie Couric opined on the red carpet: “Women still have difficulty being taken seriously. They are valued for their appearance over their intelligence. We have the daunting task of convincing colleagues that we are as intelligent as our male counterparts.”

The evening began with cocktails in the main lobby of Alice Tully Hall followed by a partial screening of the three-hour doc and then a buffet.

“I feel like Jesus at the Last Supper,” AOL’s Tim Armstrong joked at the podium, where he was surrounded by notables from the women’s movement.

PBS’ Paula Kerger remarked: “The question that came to mind when (exec producer) Dyllan McGee first pitched me was how she’d do it differently. Then I realized it hadn’t been done before.”

Also in attendance were Martha Stewart, Kyra Sedgwick, Gloria Steinem and Allison Williams, who said: “I use my womanly wiles to get around obstacles at every turn. It’s the best tool I’ve got.”

“Makers” begins airing onFeb. 26.