Writers on E!’s “Fashion Police” have complained for a second time to the state of California, alleging that Joan Rivers’ Rugby Prods. is breaking state law by not compensating them for $400,000 in regular wages and overtime.

The scribes filed the complaints a week after making similar moves against the E! Network, alleging $1.1 million in unpaid wages — assertions denied by the network.

Rivers’ manager Larry Thompson told Variety, “We have not seen the complaints so we have no comment.”

Fashion Police” began airing in 2010.

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Both sets of claims were filed with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement with the assistance of the Writers Guild of America West.

“Throughout our history, prominent members of the guild have stood up for their fellow writers to ensure they are treated fairly and compensated properly,” said WGA West President Chris Keyser. “Unfortunately, this has not been the case with Ms. Rivers.”

The WGA said the state will hold hearings to determine if E! Network and Rugby Prods. are liable to the writers for back pay and penalties.