[UPDATE] Fox says the show and its producers have nothing to do with the site, calling it a “hoax.” Sorry if we got your hopes up.

Family Guy” killed off a major character on Sunday night, but there is already a sign that the cartoon death won’t last long.

Brian, the Griffin family pooch, met a shocking end after he was hit by a car. Fans were so outraged by the sudden death, they started an online petition to bring the dog back.

And that comeback might be coming soon — a website, BriansAnnouncement.com, has already popped up. It has a countdown, set to go off at the end of next week, but offers no other details.

Fueling the fire, “Family Guy” executive producer Steve Callahan teased E! Online with “our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long enough, to know that they can trust us. We always make choices that always work to the greatest benefit of the series.” And TV Line astutely noted that the plot for the December 15 Christmas episode has Stewie hatching a plan to get “the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.”

Fans are left to wonder: what could that be?

Deadline Hollywood was the first to report the site’s existence.