Eric Stonestreet on his Kimmel friendship

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' @ 10

Variety asked “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet to relay a story about his friend Jimmy Kimmel. Here is what he shared:

I was traveling from Los Angeles to New York City for the TV upfronts, and my bag did not arrive with me. So I’m at the hotel and calling the airlines, and they can’t locate my bag. I spoke to the person who picks talent up from the network when we land and I say, “If they don’t find the bag, I don’t have to wear a suit tomorrow. What do I do?”

I had to represent the network in front of advertisers. I needed a suit. So at about 1 in the morning I get a call from this blocked number, and this very thick New York accent is on the other end of the line saying, “Mr. Stonestreet, this is” — somebody or other — “with Virgin America, and we have good news and we have bad news.”

“The good news is we’ve located your bag. The bad news is, unfortunately, the bag was transported with some animals and it’s been torn apart and covered with urine and feces.” And I immediately said, “What? Are you kidding?” And the voice said, “Well, the bag is found but the animals shit and pissed all over your bag.” So I go, “Who is this?” and he says, “Eric, it’s Jimmy Kimmel, we have your bag.”

He was able to do that because the driver spoke with him when the bag arrived and he said, “Let’s use this opportunity to mess with Eric Stonestreet.”

We trade emails all the time about meat, and vessels to cook meat in. We’ve exchanged meat in the mail. He has sent me cuts of steak he likes, and I’ve sent him cuts from a place I really like. We’re bringing meat to each other.

When we first started talking he knew I was from Kansas City, so he asked me about barbecue and quickly figured out it was a passion of mine, and I know it’s a passion of his. So when we get each other’s meat, I’ll take a picture of the whole process: Defrosting on the plate, on the grill, bite in the mouth, and he’ll do the same. It’s a play-by-play of the meat.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live @ 10
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