Michael Douglas, who grabbed a best actor nom for his role as Liberace in HBO’s “Behind The Candelabra,” said he most proud of that fact that the TV movie was nominated in all the major categories. “It’s what you dream about in terms of a production where everybody is firing on all cylinders. Can’t say enough about Matt. I haven’t spoken to him yet, he’s on holiday somewhere. I literally finished a picture last night so I’m catching up with all of this.”

“(Liberace) has to be acknowledged in this situation,” the actor added. “There’s a lot of footage of Liberace around, I worked on the piano part first and had about a year head start. I worked from the outside in. We postponed for awhile because I wasn’t quite well enough or strong enough.”

Douglas said the toughest scenes were when Liberace and his lover, Scott Thorson (played by fellow nominee Matt Damon) were fighting with each other. “Once you break through those first couple of days, it’s like a locomotive picking up speed. There was a great theatricality about Lee that allows you to be larger than life compared to most of the parts I play.”