Emilia Clarke was still giggling over the nomination she received for “Game of Thrones” an hour after learning about the good news. She was actually surprised at being nominated at all.

“My alarm went off randomly at six a.m., which was weird, so I found out then but it took a couple of phone calls for me to realize that I got nominated and not just the show.”

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Clarke, 26, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Drama) for the popular HBO series.

Asked what it’s like being part of such a beloved show, Clarke said, “When I first got the job I was A) over the moon I was part of the HBO family, and B) happy I had a job and never would have thought three years later I would be looking at all of these nominations.” As for her own character’s popularity with viewers, she added, “I think that she is a bad ass, empowered woman and that’s great to have the opportunity to play and I never thought she would be as popular as she as she has become.”