“The Daily Show’s” 10-year winning streak in the variety show category was snapped by “The Colbert Report,” but that doesn’t mean Jon Stewart’s personal winning streak is over.

Stewart, as Stephen Colbert noted, is an exec producer of “Colbert,” which spun off of “Daily Show” in 2005. Still, Colbert was clearly jazzed to win the big prize after having done so in the past as part of the “Daily Show” team.

“Winning best show is a lot of fun,” he said with his trademark grin.

Nobody thought “The Colbert Report” would last as long as it did — except Colbert. He had faith that the inanity of news and news pundits would give him plenty of material, and he’s now at 1,343 episodes and counting.

“We get a boost from just how stupid the real news is,” he said.

Over the years there’s no doubt that “Colbert Report” has taken a stand (or two) on issues that are of importance to the host. Last year he testified in Congress on immigration reform and offered some biting segments on the show that spotlighted the plight of undocumented workers.

But Colbert emphasized that the show is meant to be entertainment, not a soapbox. And he likes the veil of playing a character so that viewers don’t get the sense that he’s actually advocating on policy issues. Still he acknowledged that “Colbert” often deals with important issues, even in a satirical way.

“The point is to make jokes,” he said. “Sometimes my personal views (come into the show) to make a point, but it’s important to me that you don’t know when that is.”