As Mark Burnett addressed the media room for “The Voice’s” win for best reality competition series, the inevitable questions regarding comparisons to “American Idol” arose. The exec producer of the Peacock singing competish was quick to state that “The Voice” bears stark differences from its Fox competitor.

John de Mol’s format [for ‘The Voice’] is a kind format,” Burnett explained, implicitly referencing “Idol’s” signature cringe-inducing audition segs. “There’s no humiliation [on ‘The Voice’]. People said these shows would never work without humiliation, and that’s not true. Americans love kindness and great music.”

The Emmy win comes conveniently one night before “The Voice” returns to NBC’s lineup, with Burnett remarking, “We want to be number one again!”

The exec producer couldn’t help but get a little meta when it came to praising his production team behind the singing competition, encouraging journos to take note of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Emmys kudos fest as he said,

“‘The Voice’ is like producing an awards show twice or three times a week on the fly, with massive effects. If you want to play seriously in primetime and have people watch live, it has to be great.”

Finally, Burnett acknowledged toppling Emmy juggernaut “The Amazing Race,” joking that people often approach him and give him a nod for producing the show — even though he has no hand in it.

“It feels pretty good to beat the show that people think I produce that I don’t produce!”