For anyone looking to be swallowed by a tidal wave of 90’s cult sci-fi nostalgia, TV Guide’s X-Files 20th Anniversary panel at 3:30pm in Ballroom 20 was the place to be.

TV Guide’s Michael Schneider moderated the proceedings, and kicked-off the panel with the gusto of a true “X-Files” enthusiast.  Unfortunately, the spooky tv classic was unable to fill the massive ballroom from the start, and had been previously filled to the gills with “Psych” and “Sherlock” fans.

But after producers like Howard Gordon (“Homeland”) and creator Chris Carter walked on stage, the room darkened and the eerie “X-Files” played to the elation of fans. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson then came out to a monster reaction from the audience, entering the darkened ballroom with only flashlights, like their characters from the show.

The panel teetered between being a fond revisiting “X-Files” memories, episodes, and characters, and the often humorous comments and observations from the two lead actors.

When an audience member asked what Duchovny and Anderson thought would happen if Mulder and Scully were to go on a normal date, Anderson dead-panned, “Have sex.”

Duchovny dryly came back with, “Then maybe dinner?” which got a good sustained laugh from the crowd.

Another fan asked Carter if he thought “The X-Files” would be relevant today, to which he responded in the affirmative.

“The suspicions and conspiracy theories are rampant today…If ‘The X-Files were to come back today, you could do the show,” Carter responded.

Finally, another fan asked the two acting leads if they would ever consider doing something non-“X-Files” related together.  While Anderson seemed amenable to the idea, Duchovny explained his reluctance by saying, “It would have to be something that I can’t think of.”  He further implied that there was something so special about the Mulder/Scully dynamic that he didn’t feel like exploring stories outside of it with Anderson.

Both stars expressed interest in doing another film at the start of the panel, but by the end, Carter – though moved by the persisting dedication of the fans – was still unable to commit to the endeavor.

In this one respect, the truth is still out there.