Eager and dedicated conference-goers were lining up as early as 10 p.m. Wednesday to get prime seating for Ballroom 20’s first day of TV-centric panels Thursday, kicked off by CBS’ new midseason sci-fi thriller “Intelligence,” starring Josh Holloway.

They were rewarded for their commitment.

After making them wait 15  minutes past the panel’s scheduled start time, moderator Will Keck announced that fans were about to see the world premiere of “Intelligence,” starring, what he affectionately called “cyber-Sawyer,” referencing Holloway’s work on the cult phenomenon “Lost.”

“We try to make a show that was as much human as it is technology,”executive producer Michael Seitzman said when questioned by Keck afterward, explaining that while super strength was en vogue in the 1970s, today, information is the true super power.

For Holloway, the character fulfills a long-time dream.

“I grew up always wanting to play a secret agent of sorts,” said Holloway, noting the show’s similarities to franchises like “Bond” and “Bourne.”

His character is also given a back story that informs some of his character’s more unpredictable behavior.

“I love the fact that he has this built-in dilemma: Do you follow your head or your heart?,” Holloway added.

In non-“Intelligence” news, co-star Meghan Ory’s “Once Upon a Time” fanbase was elated to hear that her new gig will not keep her away from playing Red Riding Hood on the ABC fairy tale drama. Ory teased that this character  “never died” and that “we’ll be seeing her again.”

“Intelligence” premieres at 10 p.m. EST Feb. 24 on CBS.