Comedy Central to have Sirius channel

Cabler's stand-up specials and radio-only fare will be made available

Drivers stuck in rush-hour traffic will have a little more humor to help get them to and from work.

Comedy Central has pacted with Sirius Radio for a new channel, offering hundreds of stand-up performances on the satcaster beginning in the spring. The cabler’s roasts and radio-only events will also be part of the channel’s lineup.

Sirius currently has other comedy-centric channels, including Jamie Foxx’s the Foxhole and Blue Collar Radio.

“Through this agreement with SiriusXM, we’ll be able to deepen our relationship with those who make, and those who enjoy, the best in comedy,” said Mitch Fried, exec VP of Comedy Central Enterprises.

Comedy Central recently “certified” many comedy clubs around the country, giving them a stamp of approval and publicizing them on its own website.