CNN received package for Anderson Cooper from suspected killer

Christopher Dorner's manifesto mentioned several celebs and journos

A manhunt for suspected killer Christopher Dorner in the Los Angeles area ignited a media frenzy Thursday it was revealed that Dorner sent packages to on-air personalities including Anderson Cooper and addressed celebs in a manifesto published online.

But as Dorner was being hunted in the mountainous Big Bear area of Southern California, the FAA ordered news helicopters to leave the area so that the accused shooter wouldn’t know where the search was taking place.

Los Angeles and national media covered the search throughout Thursday, with the L.A. Times providing a Twitter stream on its homepage and dozens of blog updates. A Los Angeles Times editor tweeted that is was possibly one of the biggest manhunts in Southern California history.

Dorner, an ex-police officer, is suspected of a double homicide Sunday and two shootings in the early hours Thursday in response to his dismissal from the LAPD. Three police officers were shot at Thursday, and one died.

A lengthy manifesto from Dorner, which he’d posted online, hit news outlets Wednesday. In it, Dorner details whom he plans to kill and also offers praise to multiple celebrities, including “Django Unchained” thesp Christoph Waltz, chef Anthony Bourdain, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlie Sheen and Larry David.

Dorner’s efforts to reach media personalities had apparently been planned for several days, as CNN confirmed it had received a parcel mailed to Anderson Cooper’s office at CNN’s Gotham branch.

A CNN spokesperson told Variety: “The package arrived on the first of February and was opened by Mr. Cooper’s assistant. Inside the package, a hand-labeled DVD, accompanied by a yellow Post-it note reading, in part, ‘I never lied,’ apparently in reference to his 2008 dismissal from the LAPD.”

CNN continued: “Also in the package, a coin-wrapped in duct tape. The tape bears the hand-written inscription ‘Thanks, but no thanks, Will Bratton,’ as well as the letters ‘IMOA,’ which may be a commonly used Internet abbreviation for ‘Imagine a More Open America.’ As for the coin, it’s a souvenir medallion from former LAPD Chief William Bratton of a type often handed out as keepsakes. This one, though, was shot-through with bullet holes. Three bullet holes to the center and another shot nicked off the top.”

CNN management was made aware of the package Thursday and alerted law enforcement.