CBS Corp. has upped long-serving communications mavens Chris Ender and Dana McClintock to exec veep status.

Ender and McClintock are among the most-respected PR execs in the TV biz. The pair continue to report to Gil Schwartz, the Eye’s chief communications officer and exec VP.

“Chris and Dana are two of the brightest, most forward-thinking executives in the business,” Schwartz said. “Each is an incredibly gifted strategist and manager who has grown over the years to become the best that this business — any business, in fact — has to offer.”

Ender, based in L.A., has been with CBS since 1996. He oversees all PR for CBS’ content creation and production divisions, as well as Internet, pay cable and feature films.

McClintock, based in Gotham, focuses on corporate and network PR, as well as CBS Interactive, its local TV and radio stations and its outdoor advertising unit. He joined CBS in 1993 to help launch “The Late Show With David Letterman.”