LONDON — British singer Cheryl Cole has settled a legal dispute with the producers of “X Factor USA,” according to U.K. press reports.

Cole, who achieved fame with the band Girls Aloud, had inked a deal to appear as a judge in two seasons of Simon Cowell’s talent show, but was dropped after filming just one episode in 2011. Nicole Scherzinger replaced her. According to media reports, there were fears that U.S. viewers could not understand her, because of her strong regional accent — she comes from Newcastle in the North of England.

She sued Blue Orbit for $2.3 million for loss of earnings earlier this year. The dispute has now been settled out-of-court, with Blue Orbit paying her an undisclosed sum, the BBC reported Thursday.

The pay or play deal was for $1.8 million for the first season, and $2 million for the second, according to legal papers filed in L.A. Superior Court. Cole claimed she had been paid for the first season, but not the second. She also alleged she did not receive payment for expenses, including her wardrobe, a stylist, and an apartment in L.A.

“Cheryl’s dispute with Blue Orbit has been resolved amicably,” the singer’s spokesman told the BBC.