Veteran union activist Gabrielle Carteris is seeking the SAG-AFTRA Executive VP post at the union first convention on Sept. 26-29.

The slot is the second-highest elected post in the union, which reprsents 160,000 performers.

Carteris, who played the role of Andrea Zuckerman on “Beverly Hills, 90210,” has been in the SAG and AFTRA  unions for 26 years and served on five negotiating committees. She has been a leader of the moderate Unite For Strength faction that campaigned successfully for last year’s merger.

“Serving on five negotiating committees with members from across the country drove home the importance of unity in confronting the changing landscape of our industry,” she said. “Merger was the first step towards that unity, and as National Executive Vice President of SAG-AFTRA I will work with President Ken Howard, my fellow union leaders and members to help SAG‑AFTRA find its strong common voice.“

Carteris was first elected to office in 2005 and  served simultaneously on both the SAG and AFTRA national boards. Following the merger, Carteris was chosen as SAG‑AFTRA’s first National VP of the LA Local.

Carteris received endorsements from Secretary‑Treasurer Amy Aquino; former co-president Roberta Reardon; as David Hartley-Margolin, National VP for the Small Locals;  Jim Kerr, VP of the New York Local;  national board member  Jason George;  and former national board member Adam Arkin.