Sloths have inadvertently become one of the latest fads on the internet over the last handful of years*, serving as the inspiration for countless memes, viral photo spreads, Tumblrs and Instagrams.

*FULL DISCLOSURE: the author of this story really likes sloths, has several photos of baby sloths stored on her iPhone.

With the slow-moving animal’s quick ascent to stardom, Animal Planet is getting into the sloth phenomena with eight-part series “Meet the Sloths,” set to debut on Nov. 9.

Halfhour show will take viewers behind the scenes of a sanctuary with more than 150 sloths. Animal Planet says the program will allow viewers to “witness every charming second of their daily sloth soap opera,” and yes, you read that correctly. You will be treated “adolescent pranks, sloth love triangles and young heartbreak.”

I am clearing my schedule now.

But wait — there’s more.

Animal Planet is continuing its cuteness assault against mankind with a 24/7 Sloth Cam, the latest addition to Animal Planet L!VE. Sloth Cam will broadcast live from Zoo Atlanta and I’m bookmarking the page now.

“Meet the Sloths” is produced by Blink Films and Handel Prods. Cassie Braban serves as exec producer.