In yet another run-in with the media, Alec Baldwin threatened a reporter Friday morning while entering his apartment building in Manhattan.

Baldwin, who testified this week at his stalker’s trial, was asked about the case by a Fox reporter from the local affiliate in New York. Baldwin brushed by the reporter, but then turned and confronted him, saying, “If you’re still here when my wife and kid come out, you’re going to have a big problem, you know that?”

He then insulted the reporter, saying, “You are as dumb as you look. You are with Fox, right?”

Video of the confrontation can be seen at MyFoxNY.com.

On Thursday, Alec chased away photogs he felt were getting too close to his wife and kid. At one point during the confrontation, Alec can be heard calling one of the photogs an anti-gay slur.

Baldwin later tweeted that he did not use an anti-gay slur, but that tweet is now gone, and only his apologies remain: “Anti-gay slurs are wrong. They not only offend, but threaten hard fought tolerance of LGBT rights … I’m grateful to all of the ppl I meet + hear from who recognize that I would never say something to offend my friends in the gay community.”

Alec Baldwin’s new weekly MSNBC show, “Up Late with Alec Baldwin,” has been airing Friday nights for the past five weeks (Friday night will mark the sixth). The show has been declining in the ratings since its premiere, but was only replacing the network’s hour-long block of low-rated prison documentaries.

MSNBC did not immediately respond to a query seeking comment.