ABC Studios to Shoot ‘Galavant’ in the U.K., Benefiting from New TV Tax Credit

Joshua Sasse ('Rogue') toplines in Dan Fogelman's comedy fairytale

ABC Studios Shoot 'Galavant' the U.K.,

LONDON — ABC Studios is to shoot the pilot for its musical comedy fairytale “Galavant” in the U.K. It is ABC’s first show to take advantage of the U.K.’s new tax credit for high-end television shows.

The show, which is penned, created and exec produced by Dan Fogelman (“Cars,” “The Guilt Trip,” “The Neighbors”), toplines Joshua Sasse (“Rogue”) as handsome Prince Galavant, who seeks revenge on the evil King Richard, who stole the beautiful Madalena, played by Mallory Jansen. Show also features Karen David, Luke Youngblood and Vinnie Jones.

Alan Menken is writing the music, and Glenn Slater is penning the lyrics. Menken, Slater and Fogelman recently collaborated on a musical episode of ABC’s “The Neighbors,” earning the program its first Emmy nomination for the series.

The pilot will lense early next year. ABC plans to recruit roughly 150 cast and crew from the U.K.

The U.K. tax credit, which was introduced in April, entitles the production company to claim a rebate of 25% on 80% of the production budget that was spent in the U.K.

To be eligible the show must meet certain criteria: it must qualify as British using a “cultural test,” or be an official U.K. co-production; it must be a drama, documentary or animation; it must have a minimum production budget of £1 million ($1.64 million) per hour of slot length; and the slot length must be greater than 30 minutes.

George Osborne, who as U.K. Chancellor is in charge of the government’s fiscal policy, said: “I want our creative industries to be the best in the world, and to showcase the talent that we have here in Britain. That’s why I’m pleased ABC has decided to bring this production to the U.K.; it is a clear demonstration of the value placed on British expertise.

“This government wants to make sure high-end television programming from all over the world is made in the U.K. These productions bring jobs and investment to our country. That’s why I introduced a specific tax relief to encourage more of them here in the U.K.

“I want more global companies like ABC to look to the U.K. as a highly skilled, innovative and creative industry when choosing a location for their television programming.”

Other TV productions to have passed the cultural test, and qualify for the tax credit, include “The Great Train Robbery,” “The Escape Artist,” “Southcliffe” and “Vicious.”