Prince George’s Birth Is Perfect Timing for Starz’ ‘White Queen’

Royal baby gets shout out at Starz reception for 'White Queen'

James Frain, Rebecca Ferguson, Philippa Gregory, White Queen
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Starz hosted a cocktail pour at the British consul’s residence in Hancock Park on Thursday that was a salute to its new show, “The White Queen,” that also gave the assembled party a chance to salute the U.K.’s newest royal.

Barbara Hay, outgoing consul general, led the toast to the royal baby saying, “I hope our young prince, Prince George, is not going to live through quite such tumultous times as Philippa Gregory writes about in her books.”

“The duke and duchess were so cooperative in their timing, we appreciate it,” quipped Starz topper Chris Albrecht, who added on a more serious note, “This is a classic story. The fact that it really happened makes it all the better. It’s just great entertainment, great television and American audiences can never get enough of that.”

Gregory agreed, saying, “The first scene is a very very passionate love scene between a really really handsome young widow and a really really handsome young king and that’s based on history, it happens to be what happened. All eyes are on the English royals at the moment but I don’t want to be saying Kate Middleton‘s baby is our publicity.”

Besides, as exec producer Colin Callender joked, “We wanted the baby to be called Edward but they decided George.”

As to whether U.S. auds will get the historical “White Queen,” which bows Aug. 10, he said:  “I would wager that the audience would get hooked pretty quickly. It’s first and foremost a character drama and it’s very engaging.” The show stars Rebecca Ferguson and James Frain.