BUENOS AIRES — Italian actress Veronica Appeddu and Spain’s Jonathan Varo have joined the cast of “Signals From Beyond,” a new Latino teen series produced by Buenos Aires’ Yair Dori Corp and co-funded by Funwood Media, a Madrid and now Milan-based TV company.

Appeddu, who won 2012’s Italy Award for best actress in a musical for her performance as Eponine, performing in a Teatro Comunale di Bologna production of “Les Miserables,” will play Bianca Castiglione, the daughter of a music mogul who seeks anonymity at a performing arts school in the small town of Laguna Deseada.

But life there is transformed by the arrival of two identical twins, cloned beings from another dimension, a high-tech civilization devoid of emotions.

Actor-singer Varo, who has appeared in a string of Spanish musicals, will limn Manuel, the half-brother of the school’s head of studies.

“Signals’” first season will be made up of 120 45-minute segs. Yair Dori Corp – the new company of Yair Dori, the founder of Dori Media, which co-produced such milestone Argentine telenovelas such as “Rebelde Way” and “Lalola” lead produces.

Launched in 2004 by Aldo Spagnoli Funwood triples up as an international sales agent, sub-distributor for rights-holders and consultancy firm.

Series is from an original idea of Carolina Vespa, Marcos Villalon and Ricardo Morteo, and written by Villalon and Morteo.

Mixing dancing and singing with mystery and magic, per Spagnoli, “Signals’” enrollment of Spanish and Italian cast at its school is vital, Spagnoli explained.

“We need two local heroes in order to localize the series in Spain and Italy and also for future live-shows, which are very important to broadcaster strategies.”

Funwood is in negotiations with “various” TV channels in Europe, Israel and Latin America, Spagnoli said. It has closed first sales deals with Argentine public TV and Uruguay’s Canal 12.

“Signals” bows after other Latin American series – “Rebelde Way,” Disney’s “Violetta,” now on its second season, have seen large success in the region.

Per Spagnoli, “The musical and dance content in other teen series have worked wonderfully, “Signals’ is definitely inspired by that. However, we decided to add a new twist mixing these traditional ingredients for teens with a touch of mystery.”

The teen series shares most of ‘Violetta’s’ target audience but can also reach older 16-17-year-old teens and is cross-targeted because of more male characters, he added.

“It’s not just a feminine singing and dancing concept, it’s wider, letting boys in and introducing a mystery theme.”

“Signals’” first-season shoot will wrap by year-end. The series goes on air in Argentina from December.