MADRID, Spain — In the run up to the Mipcom TV market, Munich-based distrib Global Screen has inked its first presales on blockbuster disaster movie “Heroes.

The $19 million show was picked up by Mediaset for Spain and by FTV Prima for the Czech Republic, while At Entertainment acquired all rights for Japan, and is preparing a DVD release before broadcasting the program.

In the telepic, a communications satellite crashes into the Berlin Reichstag without warning, leaving great destruction in its wake. While the authorities speculate about a terrorist attack, airplanes start falling from the sky and communications systems collapse — Germany and the rest of the world are in a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, in a research center near Geneva, an experiment goes wrong, creating a black hole that changes the earth’s gravitation. Young scientist Sophie (played by Christiane Paul), a former staff member of this institute, is the first to see the signs of an impending apocalyptic chain reaction. She sets out on a dangerous journey to save the world with her ex, Marc Weber (Hannes Jaenicke).

RTL, which is running a huge outdoor advertising campaign in Germany, will air the program on Germany’s national holiday, Oct. 3, in primetime.

“Heroes is one of the most eagerly awaited TV movies on the market,” said Marlene Fritz, head of TV sales with Global Screen. “With a budget of €14 million ($19 million), the event movie boasts hundreds of spectacular CGI shots. Since our great success with ‘The Charlemagne Code’ and its sequels, we have been looking for a comparable project.”

“Heroes” is directed by Hansjorg Thurn (“The Whore” and “The Revenge of the Whore”) and produced by Dreamtool Entertainment, whose treasure-hunter trilogy “The Charlemagne Code,” “The Spear of Destiny” and “The Hunt for the Amber Room” were a great success on the international market.