Format Producer/Distributor Eyeworks Steps into Finland

Eyeworks Finland will be topped by Nordisk exec Antti Vaisanen

Celebrity Splash

Pursuing its expansion across the Nordics, Amsterdam-based format production-distribution powerhouse Eyeworks is stepping into Finland with the acquisition of MRP Matila Röhr’s TV production operations. 

Eyeworks nabbed majority shares in MRP’s TV prod biz, which had merged with Nordisk Film TV Fond in 2008. Nordisk has produced, among other hit formatsski resort reality show Yllas, dating show Kalajoen Hiekat

Under the deal, the Finnish company will be rebranded Eyeworks Finland, while Nordisk will keep a minority share and remain headquartered in Helsinki. Nordisk exec Antti Vaisanen has tapped managing director. 

“We’re known for developing our own formats and concepts as well as producing international formats,” said Hiekat. “The Eyeworks Group offers fantastic possibilities on the development front as well as in the international distribution of domestic formats and production of international formats.”

Eyeworks is already well established in Scandinavia, with offices in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. 

“Creative exchange and collaboration is getting more and more important worldwide, but also between neighboring countries. Eyeworks already has a strong position in Scandinavia and with the expansion into Finland, we can form a stronger creative collective in all of the Nordic countries,” said Eyework’s CEO Reinoult Oerlemans.

Oerlemans pointed out various Eyeworks formats – “I Know What You Did Last Friday,” “Obese,” “Celebrity Splash” and “Reality Queens of the Jungle” — has proved popular in Finland. 

So far, Eyeworks has operations in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, the United States, New Zealand and Australia.