LONDON — The personal assistants of British TV chef Nigella Lawson (pictured), who appears on ABC’s “The Taste,” have been cleared of defrauding Lawson and her former husband Charles Saatchi.

Sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo had been accused of spending £685,000 ($1.12 million) on credit cards belonging to their employers without permission.

They claimed there had been a tacit understanding that Lawson would allow this to continue if they kept quiet about her alleged use of drugs.

In court, Lawson admitted taking cocaine on a number of occasions, but denied having a drug problem.

The sisters’ lawyer Richard Cannon said they were “naturally relieved” by the verdict, the BBC reported.

He added they had faced a “long, hard fight played out in the gaze of the world’s media.”

Anthony Metzer, who represented Elisabetta, said his client was “relieved” and “crying her eyes out.”