One Emmy-nominated routine from “Dancing With the Stars” had Derek Hough replicating Fred Astaire’s famous “dancing on the walls and ceiling” routine from “Royal Wedding.”

Conrad Green, executive producer: “When I do my job on this show, you’re an enabler rather than a producer. We say you have to do something new, and when you’ve done 300 episodes, new is pretty hard to come by. That’s the big challenge: to keep coming up with something original.”

Derek Hough, choreographer: “Fred Astaire had months to prepare and weeks to film that one scene. I was given three days. And not only just three days – three days in which I was also doing full routines with my partner, Kellie Pickler. I was also choreographing her and teaching her on top of going in and doing this. I would wake up at 6 in the morning and rehearse with the box – the rotating room – for a couple of hours and work with Kellie Pickler all day and go back and work on the box routine. It was like 16- or 17-hour days that week and pretty intense, but when it all goes through it’s a wonderful feeling.”