As Baz Lurhmann explained it May 5 at MoMA, “The guys told me it would be this tiny little screening after the opening night with just a couple of friends that couldn’t get to the first night.” So much for Quintessentially Lifestyle’s “intimate” private screening of Warner Bros.’ “The Great Gatsby.”

During Lurhmann’s intro, Vera Wang attempted to take her seat in the second row. That’s when Catherine Martin, the pic’s production and costume designer, told the fashion designer she was better off sitting in the back “where she could get a better 3D effect.”

“Apparently my wife is directing now,” Luhrmann quipped.

Michael Kors and Valentino also came out in support on the eve of the fashion’s world 2013 Met Ball. Valentino, especially, had Martin starstruck.

“I feel absolutely terrified,” she gushed. “I’m a huge fan of his work. He has consistently over his career made some of the most beautiful gowns.”

The after party at the Top of the Standard wasn’t as extravagant as the previous week’s opening night fete at the Plaza Hotel, but champagne flowed and the soundtrack played.

“Well, obviously I’m super-psyched about the soundtrack,” Solange Knowles said of brother-in-law Jay-Z’s work. “I think Jay filled his shoes incredibly and he has such great taste in music, I’m surprised he hasn’t done this earlier.” (For the record, Luhmann calls Jay-Z “the other Jay.”)

Knowles is actually a fan of another Fitzgerald:  “I read some biographies on Zelda Fitzgerald a couple of summers ago and just became totally captivated by her as a writer and an artist and how much she actually inspired Scott, and how she was the heart and soul to a lot of his stories.”