Tom Cruise Bows ‘Oblivion’ in Old Blighty

Tom Cruise Oblivion premiere

Tom Cruise stepped out in the bitter London cold for the U.K. bow of Universal’s “Oblivion,” flanked by two hot dates: a pair of rolling heat lamps. The portable heaters warmed Cruise on April 4 as he traveled down the white carpet, the color matching the pic’s futuristic palette and obscuring the evening’s light snowfall.

The star stayed cheerful at the pic’s BFI IMAX bow, even while battling an unfortunate streaming nose. “Hang on, I need another tissue,” he quipped as a handler quickly passed him a Kleenex. “There’s no elegant way do that.”

Nostalgic of warmer days, Cruise reminisced about his adventures during the pic’s filming in the Icelandic highlands. “To be the first person to ride a motorcycle across landscapes in Iceland was amazing,” he recalled. “When we were there, the sun never went down. We were up for 24 hours. I got to ride motorcycles where no one else is allowed to.”

Helmer Joseph Kosinski wasn’t as enthused by Cruise’s thrill-seeking tendencies. “Tom was almost too comfortable,” Kosinski joked about the star’s hair-raising stunts. “We would make him wear safety ropes and he would never want to. He has no fear.”

Nevertheless, the helmer was thrilled to have such star power backing his own labor of love. “I’ve been working on this film for eight years,” said Kosinski. “It started as a short story, at a time when I wasn’t getting that much work and just trying to break into the business. And now, eight years later, it’s turned into something bigger.”

Post preem promo, Cruise sped across town to the BBC for some TV time, as fast as a car can go, with a trunk full of tissues.