Tina Gordon Chism admitted she saw herself on the Arclight screen at the May 8 premiere for Lionsgate’s “Peeples” — as Craig Robinson’s character.

“I told Craig that he was me,” she mused during the post-screening bash at Lure. “He’s a very down-to-earth guy. The idea for the film came from a breakup I had with a guy whose family was really uptight.”

Gordon Chism makes her feature directing debut on “Peeples,” helming from her own script. She allowed that she’s accustomed to being around a large family since her parents had a combined 17 siblings.

“I was the only only child in my extended family,” she noted.

For Kerry Washington, last fall’s filming in Connecticut — which portrayed the Sag Harbor area of the Hamptons — brought back memories of her own upbringing.

“I’m from a blue-collar middle-class family that used to go to Sag Harbor a lot when I was little,” she recalled. “I spent a lot of time playing at the beach.”

For Robinson, it’s his first leading role in a feature film after breaking into the business a decade ago as a stand-up comedian.

“I’ve been out on the road for screenings in places like and Atlanta and Chicago, so it’s really gratifying for me when people laugh hard,” he noted. “I love that sound.”