Steven Tyler suggested to the audience at the Hollywood Bowl’s June 22 opening night gala that the event be heard all the way down to the Sunset Strip — and then he proceeded to make sure of it. Tyler and Aerosmith cohort Joe Perry were among the inductees in the 14th edition of the bowl’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

“Tyler Perry,” as fellow inductee Patti Austen called them, were introduced by a boisterous Peter Fonda, who called them “the baddest rock and rollers ever to be inducted” into the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

Fonda fumbled a bit during the intro and then excused himself, saying he was a last-minute replacement for Johnny Depp. Fonda, referring to Aerosmith’s national tour in Japan after the 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster, added, “Joe and Steven didn’t care about the risk from radio activity. They’ve always been a little radioactive themselves. I’m a major fan of Steven and Joe. I’m sorry they weren’t in action when I did ‘Easy Rider’ because one of their tunes would’ve bound to have been on that soundtrack for sure.”
Tyler remarked, “Both of us grew up with music and look what happened here. Seriously, though, with music kids can learn everything.”

The evening was, as in past years, a fundraiser for the LA Phil’s music education programs, including Youth Orchestra LA, for which it raised $1 million. The orchestra was introduced by Darren Criss, who performed with a band of YOLA students.

Earlier in the evening, Arsenio Hall introduced Austen while Stevie Wonder did the honors for John Legend when they were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Both spoke of the importance of music education.

“What we’re doing tonight is putting instruments in the hands of kids who would otherwise be putting other things in their hands, and hopefully we’ll be planting marvelous seeds of rhythm and love and compassion,” Austen said.