Since Fox Searchlight’s “The Way, Way Back” is a coming-of-age pic, its cast and makers took the opportunity at the June 26 Gotham premiere to recall some fond, or not-so-fond, memories of their difficult teen years.

Steve Carell noted, “Nothing scarred me for life but I worked as a waiter at 16 years old. A water park would have been so much more fun.”

“One of my awkward teenage moments was when my brother skated off my finger with a hockey skate. It was sewn back on, but works perfectly today,” producer Kevin J. Walsh recalled as he wiggled his index finger outside the AMC Loews Lincoln Square theater.

“I’ve been through awkward stages, but I’m only 19 years old so I’ll probably look back and wonder why I wore this dress,” said Zoe Levin, who was clad in a Betty Boop form-fitting black dress and heels.

Regarding the impact of her teen years, Toni Collette noted, “I don’t think it’s one moment. There are several phases that kind of keep recurring through life. It just depends on what’s happening.”