Adam Brody might break hearts in virtually every frame of “Some Girl(s),” but he shared the spotlight with another hot player at the June 26 bow: Vimeo on Demand. Pic marks the nascent distributor’s first foray into day-and-date releases.

“I think it’s probably the future and it should have been the past,” Neil LaBute said of the unconventional release. LaBute adapted the script from his stage play by the same name.

“It’s never been a greater time to be a viewer,” he said.

Helmer Daisy von Scherler Mayer thinks that day-and-date will bring indie pics like “Some Girl(s)” to the same audience that’s hooked on quality cablers.

“TV is doing wonderful work right now,” she said. “It’s accessing a lot of smart and educated people, but those people don’t seem to ever get off their asses and go to the theaters. So if people are going to make interesting, intelligent, smart movies, then they’re going to need to be able to get them to that audience that is there, does exist and wants interesting material.

“This to me is the perfect intimate, interesting, visually compelling material — like a lot of independent films that weren’t made on huge budgets — that is fine in your living room,” she said during a Q&A that followed the screening. “Perfect as long as you have 42 inches and really nice sound, you’re good to go.”

“I’m not lucky enough to have 42 inches,” LaBute cracked, “but I make due with what I have.”

Another viewing option? Brody suggests the boudoir.

“It takes place in bedrooms and it’s not bad to watch in a bedroom,” he said.

Pic follows Man (Brody) as he traverses the U.S., dropping in on old flames to make amends for past transgressions before he steps up to the altar. A less than sympathetic role, it’s a departure from the thesp’s usual boy-next-door fare.

“I feel like I’m a lawyer for somebody who definitely killed someone,” he said. “But I still really want to get him off.”

Split into five roughly equal two-hander segments, film also stars Jennifer Morrison, Mia Maestro, Zoe Kazan, Emily Watson and Kristen Bell.

“It was like shooting five mini-movies,” Brody said. “Five epically long, well-structured, incredibly layered and rhythmic mini-movies.”

Von Scherler Mayer’s recollection of the 17-day shoot — roughly one day of rehearsal and three days of shooting with each actress — has a touch more realism.

“It was like boot camp,” she said. “It was a really fun but aggressively difficult creative process.”

After the screening, guests including Leighton Meester, Kate Walsh and Rider Strong post-gamed at the Brickyard Pub.