Clive Owen, James Marsh Make the Choice at ‘Shadow Dancer’ Premiere

Magnolia Pictures film screens at Gotham’s Sunshine Cinema

Shadow Dancer

Magnolia Pictures’ “Shadow Dancer” is about a woman, Collette, who must choose between going to prison or spying on her own family.

“Until you are put in that position, nobody really knows what they’d do,” star Clive Owen said at the May 30 premiere at Gotham’s Sunshine Cinema. “But the reality is that in conflicts like this people are spying on their family. It’s not that rare.”

“I have no idea what I’d do if I were in a situation of such tension and paranoia. It’s a difficult choice. I wouldn’t make any rash decisions,” said Andrea Riseborough, who plays Collette.

“If you have children as I do, it’s an irresistible connection,” said helmer James Marsh. “I would
want to be with my kids, so I’d betray the rest of my family.”

Post-screening, guests Paul Haggis, Zachary Quinto, Julie Taymor and Frank Grillo partied at Omar’s.

“You never know what a character will do until they are actually in a situation. That’s what makes movies like this so wonderful. It was a great surprise,” noted Haggis.

“I would spy on my family because I’ve been to jail and I don’t like that,” said Grillo. “So I‘d spy on anyone they asked me to.”