Ryan Gosling Finds ‘Place Beyond the Pines’ at Premiere

Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes brave rain for Gotham screening

Ryan Gosling

 The night of March 28 delivered the appropriate gloom and rain for the Gotham preem of “The Place Beyond the Pines,” Focus Features’ dark drama with Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta.

Even though Gosling plays a mostly nonverbal tattooed loser, writer-director Derek Cianfrance said of the character, “I have a lot of love for that guy. He’s one of those people who try to get away from something and they collide into it. Thankfully, Ryan has the charisma onscreen to play someone walking on that dark side but play it in a way that you can really feel for him.”

Gosling’s take? “I feel my job is like a journalist: to create an objective portrait of the subject. But maybe an affectionate one if you have to feel a certain way.  He’s somebody who’s made a lifetime of bad decisions and got lost in all these ideas of masculine cliches. In a desperate attempt he tries to become a good father and makes a huge mistake,” he said before the Sunshine Cinema screening.

As for that title, it is Iroquois for Schenectady, the city where “Pines” actually filmed.

“Derek gave it that title,” Gosling said, “to evoke a feeling in you that you can take ownership of, that we may all have that place somewhere.”

For Cianfrance, the red carpet had become a very familiar place. The night before he’d walked the one at the Museum of Modern Art preem for wife Shannon Plumb’s “Towheads” in the New Directors/New Films series. In that pic, he appears in front of the camera.

“I was really proud of my wife last night, but you don’t really see me in her movie,” he noted. “I’m like behind a cereal box or she shot me from the neck down. It’s a joke. Her movie is a comedy. You see in our house she is Comedy and I’m Tragedy.”

After the screening, guests partied at the Bowery Bar.