Ryan Reynolds and Paul Giamatti Hail the Snail at ‘Turbo’ Premiere

Voice cast jokes about their love for escargots with garlic butter

Turbo Premiere

You’d never expect to see stars like Ryan Reynolds and Paul Giamatti in a movie about a garden snail. And neither did they. For some actors who voice the mollusks in DreamWorks Animations’ “Turbo,” it changed the way they look at the slimy slowpokes completely.

“I find them 100% less delicious now,” quipped Reynolds at the July 9 Gotham premiere.

Comedian Ben Schwartz, who joked he always knew he would one day play a snail named Skid Mark, agreed. “It’s going to be harder and harder to eat snails, that much is certain.”

“I’m not supposed to say this,” said Luis Guzman, his voice lowering outside AMC Loews Lincoln Square. “But I love them with butter and garlic. Don’t tell anyone.”

While some have had their appetites curbed, other cast members said the movie has inspired them to better treat the shelled slugs before they’re escargot.

“When people step on them, I think I’ll probably feel more protective of them, like ‘Why’d you do that? Don’t harm the snail,’” said Ken Jeong. “I’ll have a little bit more empathy and a little bit more sympathy.”

That won’t be the case for Giamatti. “Ken is a nicer man than me,” he admitted. “I don’t like snails and slugs, they freak me out. They’re the only sort of animal that puts me off.

“I won’t go out of my way to kill them,” Giamatti added. “But I don’t like them.”