Since Summit’s “Now You See Me” is all about four magicians who pull off a series of heists, it was only fitting that magic tricks should be the major topic of conversation at the Gotham premiere, held May 21 at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater.

“My wife doesn’t like that trick but it’s my favorite,” said producer Roberto Orci, who managed to flip his ring from one finger to another without visibly removing it.

Helmer Louis Leterrier recalled, “My parents were magicians in my life, because they are filmmakers who pulled back the curtain and showed me what it meant to be a person in the public eye. They were role models. I love the tricks filmmakers can use, but a magician never tells. Filmmakers and magicians are similar. It’s the same route in a different way.”

When asked if he had a personal magician, star Jesse Eisenberg mentioned his team of lawyers. “They’re pitbulls,” he said.

Prior to filming, magician consultant David Kwong taught the thesps some magic tricks.

“My character didn’t require me to do magic but my son learned a few tricks,” said pic’s Mark Ruffalo.

Post-screening, everybody went to the Hudson Hotel’s Good Units, where the floor was littered with fake $100 bills and the guests included real-life magicians David Blaine and David Copperfield.