‘Newsroom’s’ Alison Pill Takes a Stab at L.A. Theater in ‘Wait Until Dark’

'Newsroom's' Alison Pill Takes Stab L..
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

L.A.’s Geffen Theater production of “Wait Until Dark” puts a new spin on the spooky 1967 thriller with Jeffrey Hatcher‘s adaptation that preemed Oct. 16.

The action has been moved to just after World War II, with “The Newsroom” star Alison Pill sporting blood-red lipstick and long dark hair for the role as the wily blind girl that Audrey Hepburn played in the film version.

Pill has starred in several Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, but this is her first time on the boards in L.A. The story’s famous last scene that takes place mostly in the dark is a strenuous bit of stagecraft for the actors to repeat dozens of times, but Pill said, “That’s why I do theater, so you can keep growing every night.”

Pill said she appreciates that the new adaptation is both “darker and more modern,” despite being moved from the 1960s to the 1940s. Co-star Adam Stein, in the Alan Arkin villain role, said it was a bit scary to get back into theater after taking some time to write and produce TV series “Under the Dome.” Working yourself up into a state of high terror is harder when there’s both a matinee and an evening performance, Stein admitted.

Thomas Sadoski said he was impressed by his “Newsroom” co-star’s transformation into vintage femme fatale — especially as “Newsroom” ended with Pill looking shell-shocked and sporting a short, spiky red do.

“Masters of Sex” star Mather Zickel hewed closer to his TV persona in Richard Crenna’s role as the safe and alluring Mike in the Matt Shakman-directed play that also stars Matt McTighe, Rod McLachlan and Brighid Fleming.