It was like the thesps and creatives of “Much Ado About Nothing” were transported back to old England at the June 5 premiere. The Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions’ pic screened under the stars at Oscars Outdoors at Academy Hollywood. And instead of a red carpet, there was a cobble-stone path, as well as high praise for one talented playwright. Yes, Shakespeare was mentioned a few times, but Joss Whedon was the main man of the night.

“It was a short film schedule, no budget,” said Tom Lenk, “so Joss had to know exactly what he wanted and plotted everything out ahead of time.”

The pic takes Shakespeare’s classic and sends it into the 21st century, where much of the filming took place at Whedon’s Santa Monica residence.

“What a dump! Just kidding,” said Joshua Zar. “It was an absolutely amazing place.”

The tight-knit cast had nothing but nice things to say about each other and their director.

“Joss says he likes to collects actors from each job and I’m glad I got caught up in that net,” said Reed Diamond. “If I may speak for the very deceased William Shakespeare, I think he would really dig this movie.”

Hearing his actors praise him, Whedon responded, “You do know they all work for me, right?”