Made in NY Honorees Include Walters, Nevins and Weinsteins

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The kind of fete where a German supermodel, a boy-wonder tech mogul and a Shakespearean actor find themselves getting the same award could only happen in New York City. The eighth annual Made in NY Awards took place June 10 at Gracie Mansion, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Katherine Oliver doing the honors.

This year’s honorees included Alan Cumming, Heidi Klum, Audra McDonald, Sheila Nevins, David Karp, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Spike Lee and Barbara Walters.

The awards were Bloomberg’s last since he’ll soon be concluding his final term as mayor. “In 204 days, but who’s counting?” he quipped. “I suspect the people on the stage to become my personal dream team as I start production on ‘Bloomberg by Bloomberg,’ the movie.” According to the mayor, the Weinsteins and Nevins would produce, Klum would play commissioner Oliver and Lee would direct. “As a Knicks fan, he’s dying to work with a winner,” Bloomberg added.

The honorees’ speeches ranged from stories of the big city to tales of big hair.

“I have to say, this is a Jewish-Jap’s worst nightmare,” HBO’s Nevins said of the rainy weather. Her hairdo began “bone, Asian straight.”

Broadway’s McDonald traded hair jokes, saying, “You got the Jew-fro. I’ve got the Afro. It’s fine.”

The Weinstein brothers reminisced about their childhood and going to the movies every Saturday in Queens. “This is where we got our film school education,” said Bob Weinstein.

Tumblr’s Karp also kept it personal: “Thank you, Mom, for making me in New York!”

And Walters gave a list of reasons why she deserved the lifetime achievement award. “First of all, I do not sweat on the air. I am never too hot,” she explained, and “I never seem to have to go to the bathroom.”