It’s a Mob Scene for ‘Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn’

Ice and Coco Talk Show

Fans of the mob genre gathered outside the AMC Empire on April 29 with the cast of “Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn” for its Gotham preem. Vincent Pastore, who plays a barber in the Lionsgate pic, stood alongside the photogs snapping camera phone photos of his friends and costars on the red carpet.

“Is this a mob picture? I didn’t know that! It’s a religious animated fantasy!” joked Pastore, who turned to costar Vinny Vella for help describing the pic’s plot.

Vella replied, “I know I’m in it, but that’s it! I’ve been in so many movies I don’t know!”

Writer-director Paul Borghese posed with cast including Armand Assante and Ice-T.

“My favorite gangster film is ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ ” Ice-T said. When asked what famous mob characters inspired his role in the pic, he quipped, “Ice-T. I’m a mob character.”