‘Gatsby’ Costume Designer Celebrates Gallery Kick-Off

Catherine Martin showcases costumes, sketches from 3D summer tentpole

'Gatsby' Costume Designer Celebrates Gallery Kick-Off
Eric Charbonneau/Invision

Welcome to the spotlight, C.M.

The Oscar-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin, who goes by simply C.M., received her first full-blown gallery exhibit, displaying her work from Warner Bros.’ “The Great Gatsby.”

The display, which features Martin’s costumes and sketches from the upcoming pic, had a special preview April 22 at the Century Guild art dealership in Culver City. Exhibit runs May 8-June 1.

“A long time ago, we had an exhibition for ‘Strictly Ballroom,’ but I only did the street costumes,” Martin said. “So I suppose this is my first outing in L.A. where I got to show sketches and costumes.”

When she was approached by Warner’s Sue Kroll to participate in the gallery, Martin said she initially felt self-conscious: “If you’re used to being behind the camera, the idea that you are going to publicly show your work is always a little bit uncomfortable.”

“But I love the movie,” Martin added. “I’m really proud of what Baz Luhrmann has done, and I’m just happy to be a part of this fabulous creation of his.”