The Oscars could learn a thing or two from the shorter, punchier Golden Trailer Awards, which relocated yet again this year to BevHill’s Saban Theater, a classy venue for a show marked by dirty jokes at the movies’ expense.

Rob Schneider (pictured above, center) and Aisha Tyler’s (pictured above, left) irreverent approach to their emcee duties on May 3 really clicked since GTA honors great promos over the questionable pics their work is pitching. As Schneider put it, “It’s the awards show where we award people who fool us into thinking something that’s an unwatchable piece of shit is watchable.”

Making no apology for his oeuvre, Schneider went on to skewer “The Hobbit” (a nine-hour adventure that “combines the excitement of walking with the thrill of talking”) and the “Fast and Furious” franchise: “Spoiler alert! If you have a spoiler on your car, you’re a loser.”  Of “Wreck-It Ralph,” he kidded, “I thought it was a movie about two things Lindsay Lohan does on weekends.”

Towering at least a foot above Schneider, Tyler took over emceeing duties for most of the categories — with “21 and Under” star Justin Chon handling the comedy category, and “In a World…” director Lake Bell (pictured above, right) delivering the Don LaFontaine Award for v.o. work. Though dozens of technical, TV and poster awards were presented offstage, for the show itself, the Golden Trailers spread the wealth.

Buddha Jones and Trailer Park each took home three prizes, with the latter earning both most original (for the “Monsters University” admissions video-style teaser) and best in show (for its “Iron Man 3” “Not Afraid”  promo). After the Motive Creative team collected its second award, Tyler said, “Is it just me or are the people who work in trailers super-hot? Apparently, when you cut a movie down to three minutes, you’ve got plenty of time to do CrossFit.”

Like the work itself, acceptance speeches were short and memorable, playing well to an inside crowd, as when Wheelhouse Creative’s Jeff Yorkes said, “I want to thank my wife for letting me turn that extra bedroom into an editing suite and not a nursery.”