At FX’s premiere of “The Bridge,” the cast talked about “bridging” the acting gap from previous roles to their current ones in the crime-thriller.

“This show is a definite departure from ‘Cougar Town,’” Brian Van Holt remarked on the DGA red carpet in Hollywood. “To mentally prepare myself, I hung out with the Mexican cartel and in Tijuana. Just kidding! I almost got myself in trouble there. I really just had to get rid of some habits I picked up with other, comedic characters.”

At the July 8 premiere, series lead Diane Kruger showed up with Joshua Jackson at her side. “I’m not here for work, just here to be the arm candy,” he quipped.

Kruger said she’s never really played a cop before, and had to do some training.

“I need to do more, though,” she admitted. “I’m terrible with guns. I can simply drop it, and all the boys on set make fun of me but I did do some shooting classes and stuff.”

Johnny Dowers, on the other hand, didn’t have to audition for his role as the redneck detective. Apparently, execs had their eye on him from the get-go.

“They’d had seen my past work and didn’t ask anyone else,” he noted. Regarding his character, Dowers explained, “He’s a brass cowboy charmer who doesn’t have a filter. He loves his mustache and his mullet, but is a little trigger-happy. It’s a wild ride.”

Demian Bichir, Annabeth Gish and Matthew Lillard also attended the premiere.