TV thesps and creatives tied one on June 10 at the third annual CriticsChoice Television Awards, letting the wine flow and gabbing as the confab kicked small-screen awards season into gear.

Since the event at the Beverly Hilton was live streamed online — and not broadcast television — celebs took liberties at the podium.

“It’s just a bunch of shut-ins watching this at home on the Internet, right?” asked Patton Oswalt as he accepted the kudo for best guest performer in a comedy series.

Judy Greer asked at the mic if she could curse after the “Archer” win, before launching into “This is fucking awesome!”

The toon’s exec producer Matt Thompson got some guffaws when he accepted the award from the BTJA and said, “First of all, I’d like to thank my wife because I like to have sex.” Thompson then held his Critics’ Choice trophy up against his pants in a more than suggestive way.

Adam Pally had the room howling early on as he went off the Teleprompter. After reading a scripted bit about comedy making the money for a net, the “Happy Endings” star said not so under his breath, “That just can’t be true, that has to be a lie.”

Then, while announcing best supporting actress in a comedy, Pally quipped, “Kaley Cuoco! Did I butcher that? Did I butcher that?” referring to the actress’s last name. “You’re welcome.”

Elsewhere in comedy, Chuck Lorre, king of the CBS laffer, accepted an award for “Big Bang Theory” and joked, “I’m just so used to laughing at Steve Levitan at these moments.”

Outside the BevHilton’s ballroom doors, a crowd of touristy gawkers had gathered. Perhaps underscoring the futility of kudos events, one teen squealed to another with iPhone perched in hand, “It’s like, I recognize them, but like, I don’t know their name or what show they’re on,” as stars headed for valet.