Chelsea Handler Makes It an Unforgettable Evening

Gala honors Carolina Herrera and Kylie Minogue

Unforgettable Evening Gala Rita Wilson Chelsea
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Sequins, bling, suits and high heels aplenty dazzled at the BevWilshire on May 2 for the EIF Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s 16th annual An Unforgettable Evening gala.

Lisa Kudrow, Julianne Hough, Amber Valletta, Angie Harmon and Eric La Barr were on hand to raise funds and honor  Carolina Herrera and Kylie Minogue. Kids were in tow too, presumably for singer Bruno Mars, who was headlining the night’s fun. The tots seemed a little out of place, but maybe not as out of place as Kobe Bryant, who hobbled in with some highfalutin crutches and a boot (because of his Achilles injury).

Emcee Chelsea Handler kicked off the event in classic stand-up fashion.

“Tonight is devoted solely to raising money for research for women’s cancer, so if you’re a man with cancer, I don’t know what to tell you,” she quipped. “I guess just pack up your one ball and exit the room — and Lance Armstrong, if you’re here, just exit altogether. Everyone hates you.”

Before Rita Wilson and Kate Capshaw introduced honoree Herrera, Handler noted, “I want to apologize for every time I see you in person, Carolina, that you have to remind me that you are from Venezuela, not Yugoslavia. I don’t know why but Yugoslavia makes a lot more sense to me.”

To which Herrera replied, “Chelsea, I lied to you, I am from Yugoslavia.”

Accepting her honor, Minogue said, “I may have beaten cancer, but I didn’t have a growth spurt. Still waiting for that.”

The night closed out with Mars, who was introduced by Handler as a “sexy nugget” who would give a nugget performance. Nobody was really sure what she meant, but Mars had everybody dancing for a cause before rushing to the valet line and snatching up gift bags.