The Brass Teapot” company was more than ready to spill their superstitions and beliefs on magic at the March 21 preem at the Arclight.

Since the Magnolia pic follows a couple who discover a magical teapot that makes them money whenever they get hurt, it got the thesps and helmer thinking about their own strange beliefs.

“Well, I mean I’m Jewish so I’m superstitious about everything,” said helmer Ramaa Mosley. “You know when you throw something in the trash can and it doesn’t go in? I’m like, oh no, that’s bad luck!”

Pic’s Bobby Moynihan carries a lucky charm with him.

“I found this 10 years ago and I’ve carried it in my wallet ever since,” he said of a tiny silver hammer. “I found it in my building where I lived with my parents. Is that embarrassing?”

Michael Angarano revealed that a certain T-shirt is his most prized possession.

“I can’t go anywhere without it. I mean, I wash it occasionally, but it’s not the stench value that I like,” said the pic’s male lead. “It’s a good fit and that’s hard to find.”

Femme lead Juno Temple kept it a little more sentimental, saying she treasures a picture of her mother on her wedding day and a first edition “Alice in Wonderland” book given to her by a close friend.