Bobby Cannavale and Richard Kind Skewer Hollywood with ‘The Big Knife’

Broadway revival opened on April 16

Bobby Cannavale and Richard Kind Skewer
John Lamparski/WireImage

Clifford Odets made it clear that he hated Hollywood when he wrote “The Big Knife” in 1949. For the Broadway revival, which opened April 16, stars Bobby Cannavale and Richard Kind also expressed  little affection for the town.

Not that they identify with that much in the play about a big star (Cannavale) who fights with the studio boss (Kind).

“I haven’t spent that much time in Hollywood,” said Cannavale, who added that most of his film and TV work is in Gotham, where he lives. “I walk to the deli. I walk in the park. I live a normal life.”

Kind expanded his criticism of the entertainment biz to include all of America. “There’s not a CEO in this country I trust,” he said. “How twisted do they have to be to have gotten where they are?”

Neither actor was also very fond of the 1955 movie version of “The Big Knife” starring Jack Palance and Rod Steiger.

“I didn’t like it much,” said Cannavale. ” ‘The Big Knife’ is a play, not a movie. And just because it’s about the movies doesn’t make it a movie.”

Regarding Steiger’s over-the-top perf, Kind opined, “I’m not a fan but he’s a lot of fun to watch.”

Later, guests partied at the Redeye Grill, and unlike a big movie premiere in Hollywood, the thesps from the show, Cannavale and Kind included, actually showed up and stayed late at the afterparty.